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Express what you can’t YET say &

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Your Voice Matters!

We all are here for a reason and a purpose. What if that purpose includes for us to open our mouth and speak up for what we believe in? What things have you been struggling with to speak up about?

Become A Moral Courage & Violence Prevention Ambassador!

At least 10% of the profit from each product sold on this website will be donated to charities focused on moral courage, violence prevention as well as reducing bullying, domestic violence, sexual abuse, or sex trafficking.

Developing Boldness

We need courage, especially moral courage, confidence and be willing to take risks in order to lead, inspire and create change when it counts.

Strengthening Relationships

Our relationships tend to be the greatest source of our pain, no matter if it is an intimate relationship or business relationships.

You Want To Claim Your True Identity Or You Have Another Challenge?

Everybody has their own opinions, feelings, and convictions but not everybody can express them. Many people struggle and create painful consequences by not dealing with this issue. Let’s talk about you!


It is true. The other areas are my expertise. But I have helped many people achieve goals that have nothing to do with these. 

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Your Voice Matters

What Your Fear Says Isn't True

German Police Initiative promoting Moral Courage

I am supporting the moral courage initiative of the German police by sharing the leaflets of the initiative locally and the tips globally.

Moral Courage In Times Of Corona

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Claudia is an excellent human being, with a great attitude, always willing to help you and get the best out of you. She not only offers you her services but the thing that amazes me the most is that she really gives you her heart once she starts working with you. When she takes you as her client she is 100% committed and reliable. You can see and feel her passion for her profession with her words, gestures, advice, and how she takes your achievements as if they were her achievements too. She wants to help you achieve your goals in all areas of your life, and she will do everything she can to help you to achieve them. When you get her as your coach you are getting a lot more than that, you will get a close friend, who has your permission to tell you things the way they are and help you all the way to open your eyes, to become a better person and to enjoy life as much as possible.
Since I started working with her, I have seen a lot of improvements in different areas of my life. I feel more capable of achieving my goals, I feel a more free, complete and happy person.

Just to name a few things that she has helped me to overcome:
-Recognize my fears and most of the time understand that they were not as big or bad as I thought they were.
-Live in the present moment and focus more in what I have instead of what I don’t have.
-Heal wounds from my childhood that I wasn’t even aware of, and they used to affect my life in a negative way.
-Take control of what I used to call my “chocolate addiction.”

I highly recommend Claudia and I feel confident that she can help you to improve your life and become a more loving and happier person. When you decide to have Claudia as your coach, honestly you have nothing to lose and a everything to gain.

Lisbeth Lisdorf

Financial Service Professional, New York Life Insurance

What Do I Need To Know?


What will working with Claudia be like?

 After over 10 years and over 250,000 € worth of knowledge, skills and experience, I am more of a partner than a coach.  

As I coach you, I will…

  • challenge you, 

  • cheer for you,

  • cry with you,

  • be tough with you when you need me to be,

  • brainstorm powerful solutions for impossible problems with you,

  • tell you the things nobody dares to tell you, 

  • show you your blind spots, 

  • research with you and find nuggets you would have missed because I have a different perspective, 

  • empower you to be in control of your emotions and use them as fuel for your cause, 

  • help you to unlock the power of faith through ancient Biblical principles, 

  • help to clarify your focus and perspective,

  • enable you to release negative emotions, blocks and even trauma that blocks you through innovative energy therapy tools,

  • deliver hands-on coaching support even to the extent of creating marketing materials for you,

  • serve you so powerfully you will never forget our conversations,

  • give you powerful tools to take charge of your emotions,

  • support your pursuits with my knowledge, skills, network but especially prayer,

  • give you new business insights based on years of experience in international business and marketing,

  • create bespoke and creative coaching solutions tailor-made for you and your situation and vision (Anywhere from a 1 year long online experience to a 3 day intensive a la “Super Nanny” style Coaching Retreat at your home).

In short: I partner with you to see your dream become reality and God glorified in the change we create together in the world.

What are elements of Claudia's process?

My support includes a combination of the following elements: 

1. Deep Coaching:

This is the purest form of coaching, just you, me, and powerful questions, a kick in the butt if necessary, and bringing out your resourcefulness, and the person you know can create anything they want because they are blessed by God.

2. My Emotional Freedom Methodology:

This includes a variety of self-expression tools and emotional freedom as well as counseling therapies.

3. Kingdom Business Principles From The Bible:

The Bible is not just THE book which Christianity is founded on. It also shows timeless principles that help any changemaker to achieve great things for their cause.

4. My In-Depth Research Technology:

A special aspect of what I do is researching my clients` causes, business arenas, industries, practices, and more. That helps me to show them unique ways that give my clients the edge which helps them bring their vision to reality.

5. Artistic Self-Expression Techniques:

Depending on the situation, we will use several ways for you to express yourself artistically so you can explore and discover sides of yourself you did not even knew you had. 

You are the one who decides which of these elements you want to be included in how I coach and serve you.  Also, it is your needs, desires, and wants that determine which form our coaching takes which could be face-to-face, online, WhatsApp, Facetime, SMS, video, phone, year-long, or a short 3 day intensive. The sky is the limit. What you and your cause need counts.

How is this a social enterprise?
  1. We provide scholarships for our longer programs for students that promote moral courage and related causes within the Dare To Be Bold Now movement.
  2. We create art, crafts and other materials to promote moral courage and boldness across the world. 
  3. Every purchase of any product or service of this company will send at the minimum 10% to Christian charities including
  4. We also provide a Pay It Forward coaching program, where qualifying clients can pay what they can for their own coaching and nominate another entrepreneur in need to receive 10 coaching sessions for free worth €4000.00.
How would we get started?
  1. We have an initial 20-minute chat about your challenge and to see we have chemistry and trust.
  2. If both of us feel ready to move forward, we have a powerful intensive coaching session at no cost to you so you can experience my coaching. This session can last up to two hours and we get started with your challenge.
  3. If we are both still up for more, we discuss your options.

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