I'm Claudia.

A social entrepreneur, a moral courage activist, a spoken word poet, an artist, an author, an inspirational speaker & a personal courage coach dedicated to helping you to change the world with your courage!

“Moral Courage is not an option. It is the duty of every man and woman. The more we hide from our responsibility for holding others accountable for their actions and choices, the more we hurt them.”

Claudia B Vogas

The Promise


Our mission is to increase moral courage. By doing so, violence can be better prevented across the world before it even happens.

We do this by

1. increasing awareness of the people who use our products. Additionally those who observe the message will increase their awareness, too,
2. increasing communication and courage to speak up by helping them with powerful identity messages on the products they use. That might spark a conversation about courage and contribution.


We want to see less violence in the world and more people who have the courage and integrity to speak up for what is right and against what is wrong. 

Part of our vision is to also help people to develop and uphold values like honesty, contribution, obedience to God and courage. 

Related Causes

Violence is a vast problem. It expresses itself in

1. domestic violence
2. bullying
3. sexual abuse
4. human and sex trafficking
5. child abduction
6. physical attacks
7. rape
8. child neglect
9. child abuse
and many more

It is part of our mission to support the prevention of these crimes as well as the healing of the survivors.

In our PARTNERS tab, you can find a list of organizations and campaigns that our business supports through either active help or donations (at least 10% of the profits (products), 20% of services.

The Values & Beliefs


The number one reason why we are on this earth is to 1. glorify God through our faith and actions and 2. to contribute to others in a meaningful way. 


In order for us to show up boldly in the world, we must be honest with ourselves and others, even if it hurts. That does not mean we need to be rude. The message will be best received when delivered with compassion and the right motives.


It is crucial to work on our personal growth and the growth and development of those we care about in order to make progress in life. 


In order to change the world, we must be bold so we can withstand the rebellion coming from others. 

Claudia’s Story In Bullet Points

Major Key Moments In My Life

  • (sexually) abused in my childhood at the age of 4
  • bullied in school in the ages from 7 to 16
  • lived in the USA for a year when I was 22
  • lived in Prague working for Oracle from 26-29
  • bullied at the workplace at age 26-29
  • lived in Ireland for a year when I was 30
  • became a Top Performer and joined VMware’s President’s Club at 30
  • discovered my emotional freedom technology at the age of 27
  • started my business at 31
  • published my first book at 31
  • had my first coaching client who was a winner at the Festival of Cannes at age 31
  • met my husband at age 34
  • lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a few months when I was 34
  • my daughter was born 12 weeks early when I was 36
  • finally accepted Jesus’ offer at age 38
  • learned to express my true self at age 39
  • started my Dare To Be Bold NOW movement at age 40

PS: If you like more personal stories, check out my social media. I share quite a bit of my personal life there.

Each of these moments shaped me and empowered me to serve you more powerfully than I ever have served anybody before.

I did take a break for about 3 years during which my daughter was born, I found Jesus Christ and I broke through my limits of self-expression and my lack of moral courage. My coaching before was kindergarten level in comparison. I graduated in the meantime to university! 🙂


My Faith In Jesus Christ

My relationship with Jesus Christ will ensure that you get my absolute best since I want my work to glorify Him. Believing in Him gives me a strong moral foundation for my actions and behavior. Which ensures I will place truth, love and honest business principles before my own needs.

How Will My Faith Impacts My Work  

My belief won’t make me talk to you about Jesus and the Bible unless you give me permission to do so. I won’t ever try force you to believe the way I do. Jesus would also not want me to do that anyway. So no worry! Jesus brought me to Him through the course of my life by opening my eyes a blink at a time, not through the words of a specific person. So I know that He will bring you to Him, if and when you are ready and willing. 

This means that I will do everything in my power to support you in reaching your goals of making a social impact on this world because Jesus cares about us giving to others.

My Artivism - Promoting Moral Courage

I create drawings and paintings and pair them with inspirational and challenging poems as well as powerful questions to wake people up, make them think, and help them see things about their lives they did not pay attention to so far. I post them as mini banners in various places so that people get a chance to ponder.

The main message for these artistic expressions is the power of moral courage. According to Wikipedia it is defined as the courage to take action for moral reasons despite the risk of adverse consequences. Below a bit more:

Courage is required to take action when one has doubts or fears about the consequences. Moral courage therefore involves deliberation or careful thought.  Reflex action or dogmatic fanaticism do not involve moral courage because such impulsive actions are not based upon moral reasoning.

Moral courage may also require physical courage when the consequences are punishment or other bodily peril.

Here is another way of looking at it:

“Civil courage” (or synonymous social courage) is a certain type of socially responsible behavior, not a characteristic of a person. Courageous action occurs in situations in which core values and social norms (e.g. human dignity, human rights, justice, peaceful conflict settlement among citizens). They also occur when a person’s physical or psychological integrity are violated. Courageous people are ready to stand up

  • for the protection of human and moral values,
  • for integrity and the legitimate, collective, primarily non-material interests, above all of others,

despite threatening disadvantages for themselves.

Civil courage is often equated with help. Aid is usually associated with civil courage, but not necessarily the other way around.

Four key characteristics distinguish civil courage from help, altruism, or solidarity, from courage or bravery:

There is a conflict between those who violate the above-mentioned values and norms and those who are committed to their preservation. There are often risks that cannot be determined, which means that the success of civil-couraged actions is usually uncertain and the agent is willing to accept disadvantages.

Civic acting is public, meaning that usually more than two people are present. There is a real or subjectively perceived imbalance of power to the detriment of those who want to act courageously, for example, because they are in a minority/majority situation in groups or in a ratio of over / subordination or dependency (which are often associated with adjustment pressure) .

Three types of civil courage are being considered:

  1. Intervene in favor of others, usually in unforeseen situations where you have to quickly decide what to do.
  2. To get involved – mostly without acute pressure to act – for general values, for the right or the legitimate interests of others, especially in organized contexts and institutions, such as B. at school or at work.
  3. Defenses, e.g. B. against physical attacks, bullying or injustice; stand by yourself and your beliefs, stand up, assert yourself; resist, say no, “for good reasons” refuse to obey. 

This requires courage, since those who show civil courage may face sanctions from authorities, representatives of the prevailing opinion, or their social environment (e.g. a group majority).

Whistleblowers who uncover illegal acts or social-ethical misconduct for the detriment of the general public within institutions, in particular companies and administrations, are also considered civilly courageous.

It is my mission to help people to discover the power of moral courage to help themselves as well as others and change the world accordingly and through it, find the freedom that comes from freely speaking up for what you believe in while still being open to learn from others.


My Social Entrepreneurship Side

As a social entrepreneur, I provide 1:1 as well as group support online and locally in Germany. This can happen via courage and relationship coaching using powerful emotional freedom techniques as well as inspirational speeches and trainings. For changemakers who promote moral courage as well, I offer special scholarships.