Dare To Be Bold Bootcamp

A Program For People That Crave To Show Up Boldly In The World

Being able to speak up for yourself, to show up boldly, and own the space that God gave you can be overwhelming, especially considering some past experiences we might have. But it is not too late to speak up, step up and raise yourself and others up.

The Moment Arouse. The Tension Is There. It Is Time To Speak Up, Yet…

Do you experience one or more of these:

Your mind is racing...

Your palms get sweaty...

You get anxious...

The question "What should I do or say?" keeps running around in your mind as if the answer will come...

But in the end, you chicken out and keep playing a doormat...

I get it. That was me, too.

I’ve been in the same situation. Just read this article and you will see that I know how it is.

But I managed to overcome these moments. I am able to speak up and step up to the occasion. It started when I realized that when I am struggling with speaking up for myself, I also hurt other people, not just silly old me. 



When you struggle to speak up for yourself, you also hurt other people in the process, including those you care about and even the person you are supposed to speak up to. Are you really that kind of person?

You Know This Bootcamp Is For You, When:

You’re seeking a community of extraordinary people who inspire you

You’re a leader with a powerful vision but you have been playing small out of fear of judgment or failure.

You want to spend time with fascinating people who stretch your mind.

You’re afraid of disapproval.

You love to play and have fun.

You tend to over-analyze and worry too much.

You want to literally create your future.

You want to grow your business exponentially but you even struggle to speak up to your clients when necessary..

You want to embrace the dark and the light of your own leadership.

You want to move from people-pleasing to powerful service and servant leadership.

You want to be a leader who makes an impact.

You want to make bold, life-changing proposals.

You want to make risk-taking safer.

You want a supportive community that does not buy into your bullshit and holds you to a higher standard.

You want support in dealing with personal needs, preventing burnout and overwhelm caused by your inability to speak up.

You want to put action before perfection.

You want a professional family that has your back.

You want to embrace failure and risk.

You Know This Dare To Be Bold Bootcamp Is Not For You, When:

If you’re not committed to honing your brilliance and making your extraordinary talent more extraordinary every year, this project is NOT the place for you..

If you are not committed to being surrounded by people even more extraordinary, this project is NOT the place for you.

If you are not committed to investing in your professional development and your personal growth, this project is NOT the place for you.

And if you are not committed to creating at least a 10X return on your investment of time, money, energy and relationships, then this project is NOT the place for you.

The Purpose of this Dare To Be Bold Bootcamp is to keep each other accountable with one common ethos — Speak Up To Make The Impact We Are Meant To Make.

Incredible Support

You’ll have the biggest blanket of support you’ve ever experienced, with an amazing community. You’ll receive personalized coaching with Claudia in a small group (approximately 1x/month). You’ll have the opportunity to get support from the group via various online channels of communication. We also will meet weekly online to check in with each other, review our annual goals, and the progress we are making toward achieving those goals on a weekly basis. Through our combined mind power and network we help each other to live for our purpose and reach our highest goals.

Leadership Opportunities

You’ll have opportunities to hone, develop, and share your unique gifts with both your peers in this project through dares, challenges and experiments and within our community. 

World-class Community

You’ll face challenges, but no longer alone. You’ll be surrounded by a ‘family’ of high-potential people who really get you. Many will become your friends for life. You’ll be a member of a private Facebook group, where you can stay connected and have high-caliber conversations. 



You’ll make a contribution to something bigger than yourself to have an exponential impact – on you, your life and your business. Our community is raising the funds to support the social causes you care about through the growth of our businesses and initiatives as well as our connections.

Science Of Creativity

Research shows that our very best ideas come in nature, on the beach, and even in the shower. You’ll have time for space, stillness, and reflection. We’ll create ways for you to slow down (to speed up). You will re-energize in beautiful reflection. 


When people spend time in this project, they fly. It is not a program or a seminar. It’s pure transformation that takes place over time, in the presence of extraordinary top performers. When you have goals that look impossible, you’ll be amazed at how quickly they become possible when you are surrounded by people up to something even more amazing than you.  

The Steps We Go Through:

1. Creating Emotional Freedom

In this first module, you will discover a variety of tools to create your emotional freedom step by step by yourself. 

2. Creating An Attitude That Supports You

In this second module, you will develop an attitude that supports your mission and enables you to speak up when it really matters. PS: There is a key ingredient you will need to get rid of in order to speak up!

4. Master Your Body

In this fourth module, you will master your body so it supports you in becoming bolder when needing to speak up or step up.

5. Develop A Strategy

In this fifth module, you will develop a strategy and condition it so the right response will come naturally to you when it counts. 

6. Integration

In this sixth and last module, you will develop a leadership mentality and vision that empowers you to be the servant leader you need to be. 

A Small Selection Of The Modules Available:

Monthly 1:1 coaching with Claudia

Partner work & Peer coaching

Accountability System

Online group support

Monthly Training Call with Surprise Guests & Mentoring

Transformation Games, Experiments & Challenges

What Will Your Return On Investment Be From The Bootcamp?

If it’s not 10X then you are not playing full out.

In this project, you will learn to create time, money, energy, and relationships that are exponential.

What’s your biggest goal right now?

This Bootcamp Is By Application Only

Membership is for a 6 months period.

It is designed to be uncomfortable and challenging. Because what got you here will not get you there. It is the one safe place for you to discover the power within you. 

If our mission inspires you and you are an extraordinary individual, I invite you to apply for membership. It is limited to 30 select members every time the program runs and there are currently only a few spots remaining.

There are also scholarships available for causes that fit within the Dare To Be Bold movement. Learn more here.

 The first step in this journey is to complete your application. We’ll review your application and reach out to you to schedule an interview.

I look forward to speaking with you.