Getting Involved

Moral Courage Is Our Duty, Not An Option

When you cannot speak up for yourself, you will hurt others, even if you never see the connection.

Options for getting involved

Become an Ambassador & Buy Our Products

By buying and using the products in our store you are spreading the message of moral courage and violence prevention across the world. Additionally, a large part of the revenue (more than 30% is used to fund various programs and support charities that promote moral courage, violence prevention, healing from the effects of violence and also support the sharing of the Gospel (see the partners list for more information.)

Become an Advocate & Promote Our Mission To Your Network

By promoting the products in our store you are spreading the message of moral courage and violence prevention across the world. Here 10% of the sale will go to you and the another 10% of the profit will go to a charity you choose, as long as it fits with the context of our cause. Register here to become an advocate for the store. 

Advocates for our services will get up to 25% commission for the referral of coaching and speaking gigs. In order to become an advocate for the services we provide, reach out to us via the contact form.  

Become a Contributor & Refer Your Friends to Become Ambassadors

Check out our Rewards Loyalty Program. With it, you can earn points every time you buy a product, share about us or every time a friend of yourself becomes an ambassador who buys and promotes one of our products or services. 

Become a Benefector & Donate to Support Our Promotion of The Message

On a regular basis, we are creating promotional materials that we use and give away for online and offline awareness campaigns. For these campaigns, we do need funds to put them into actions to, e.g. pay for flyers, posters, gifts that we can spread for people to think and talk about moral courage and violence prevention. You can donate here. Since we are not a charity ourselves, we cannot give you a tax-deductible receipt but we can show you what we use your donation for. Example: 1000 Flyers with a call to moral courage: about €30, 1000 Anti stress balls with a call to moral courage: about €1000

Follow, Like and Share Our Materials On Social Media

To increase awareness, you can support us by sharing our materials, tip sheets, articles, products and more on social media. You can use our profiles on the homepage on the bottom.

Inspire with Your Story through Our Resources Section

You can always support us with your ideas, advice and stories so we can share them. We are also looking for inspirational stories and people to interview for our resources section and then promote it through your network. Simply send a message on the contact form or reach out via the Chat option on our website.

Become a Prayer Warrior

Those who know the power of prayer will also enjoy this option. Here you can join our prayer team so we can bring God into the mix so He can create miracles that we alone cannot. Reach out via the Chat option and we add you to the group!

Support our Partners

Here you can find a list of our partners who we are supporting in their mission. You definitely have to check out Gizmo! He will crack you up!