Moral Courage In Times Of Corona

The Series


 This series of inspirational poems about helping each other is meant to uplift, inspire and wake you up so you can find strength when you need it most, discover solutions were did not consider before and don’t get swayed to the dark side of life. 


 The Inspiration For This Poem



The Poem About Helping Each Other – Moral Courage In Times Of Covid-19




Hiding behind my mask, I see your face.


My fear increases, it feels like a chase.




Everywhere I look, I see fear, ignorance, and misunderstanding.


The numbers increase and the people are demanding…


That the lockdown shall end yet their ignorance and fear do not.


We all feel like Rapunzel wanting to get out of our tower or whatnot.




People going back to normal but ignoring the truth.


That their ignorance might cost them their youth


And they have to go right back to their tower 


Where they turn back into a wallflower.




Do you want true change or just a break?


Do you just need a moment away from your ache?


Why not take some time to bake


The best life you can create?




This crisis gives you the perfect excuse 


To take a moment and rethink your choices.


Why not take the time and listen to some voices


That you usually would not listen to?




This crisis isn’t the time to be selfish.


It’s time to come together 


And protect each other


Not just your pocket.



 The Application Of The Poem

 Which thoughts came up for you as you were reading this poem?

What suddenly seemed possible and became clear?

How can you use the idea of the poem to improve your life and the lives of others?

What will you do next?

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