In this series, you will be able to learn from examples of courage in times of conflict and traumatic pain. Today I will share a story that happened at Halloween 2019. Sometimes courage is not needed in a situation because it is not your fight. What do I mean? Sometimes, your weakness is just a way for God to shine through and show His glory in your life. This is a story like that… a story of the miracles of God. 


It Seems It’s Not Mind Over Matters But Manners Over Dignity


That day was Dress-up Day in Kindergarten. My daughter Jade was excited to be a little bee princess. I dropped her off and went about my day. Then I came to pick up my daughter. All kindergarten teachers dressed up as sheep. They even had the white wool all over. When it was time to go, my daughter was supposed to say goodbye to the kindergarten teacher. It was not her usual teacher but she usually took care of one of the other groups. I had seen her often before. At times, even with Jade, she was a bit rough, accusatory and rude to the children. 


The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing


That day my daughter did not want to say goodbye to her, let alone give her a handshake. So in order to teach her, the teacher knelt down and grabbed her and held her tight while my daughter was making a fuzz to get out of her grip. My daughter was screaming to get out and for her to let go. The other parents were staring. And me?

I froze up, frantically thinking of what to say to diffuse the situation.

I wanted to get my daughter out there but I was so far ahead in my thoughts that I was already worrying about the repercussions of me interfering and embarrassing her (the wolf in a sheep’s clothing). The only thing I could do in that moment was telling Jade, the one I felt had control over to some degree, that she should just give her hand to the teacher so it can be over.


I felt so bad about not fighting for my child, not being the MAMA BEAR she deserves for a mom.


I was trying to protect Jade from the potential negative repercussions the teacher might do to her but I failed her in the moment she was crying to get out of someone’s forceful embrace that was supposed to protect her and teach her. But the teacher was going about it the wrong way. Suddenly, the teacher let go and Jade said goodbye. I still felt shaken. Jade seemed to have shaken it off better than I had.

Is it an example of a lack of courage? My way of showing courage looked different this time…


As I dressed her and walked with her to the car, I prayed for Jade to not take any negative effects from this situation. I also prayed for the woman, the wolf, for God to work on her heart, to help her better deal with whatever is causing her to act and react this way to the children. I cried about it as I prayed. I felt humiliation and weakness, not by what she did but by what I did not do, even though I expected myself to act like a MAMA BEAR…to physically rip my daughter our of her hands and tell her that she cannot treat kids like that. But I did not.

I asked my daughter for forgiveness and gracefully she gave it to me. Now I just had to forgive myself…

You may ask: Where is the miracle? Well here it comes…


The next time I came to the kindergarten, the woman was like a new person. She was kind to the kids. She was even surprised when Jade CHOSE her group again and the both of them got along well afterwards. Grace creates change! God showed grace to me and her. 

God showed me that this situation with this woman was not my fight to fight. It was His. Only He could affect her in a way that changed her entire being from the core. 

I wanted to talk to the woman about what happened after the situation was over, but God showed me that He had handled it gracefully and without more drama. Praise the Lord for His glory in my weakness. 


The Best Resource On Examples Of Courage


I challenge you to read 2. Chronicles 20. It is a wonderful story of how God took over because it was His fight to fight. The best resource, better than THE SECRET or any other personal development book, is the Bible. It challenges you. It shows you your triggers. It shows you the things to do and the things to not do. The Bible is full of examples of courage. Just think of David and Goliath. That is God-given courage through faith.


The Power Of Prayer


Don’t underestimate the power of prayer. It is your most powerful tool in your arsenal to create change. I used to teach on the law of attraction and how the universe is moving everything to make things happen for us. But the law of attraction cannot really work miracles if you do not talk to the one that moves the universe, God. Why talk to an inanimate object if you can talk to the Creator of it all? If someone can create change on a massive scale, it is Him. We might not always understand His ways and His reasons for allowing certain evil to happen. But He always brings out the glorious moments like He did in my story with Jade and the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.


Get Support


There are so many ways to deal with traumatic experiences. You just need to find yours. If you want some help, reach out. I am happy to help even if you do not believe in God or are confused about it all.

 What challenges are you facing today? Leave a comment so I can create an examples of courage blog post soon for your challenge.

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