Our Partners

Supporting each other, Helping others

Together we are stronger, our voices louder, and the synergy of our actions more powerful. 

Pierce Brosnan

Our Partners & How Working With Them Can Support Our Cause

Initiative "Aktion Tu Was" initiated by the German Police

The German police initiated a campaign to promote moral courage (Zivilcourage) across Germany. They provide tips, flyers, posters and other materials that help people learn more about how to show moral courage, civic courage specifically. When you use the donation button in the GET INVOLVED tab, your donations will help to support fund this campaign with designs, I, Claudia, made for this campaign additionally to the materials the German police provides. 

414 Generation - Supporting Trafficked Survivors

Generation 414 is a collective of generation changers who will not keep quiet about the social injustices in this world.
They are a social enterprise that support survivors of sex trafficking by providing dignified employment and education opportunities to women and children rescued from sexual exploitation.   

You are supporting our cause when you are buying their Be Her Change Jewelry products or their Words of Life Necklace products. First, their cause is part of ours (as part of violence prevention and healing from violence) and second, 20% of your purchase when using our links will support our moral courage promotions that we currently do on our own costs.

Superbook Project

The Superbook Project helps kids and young adults to learn about all the powerful moral messages including moral courage, faith in times of adversity, sacrifice and more through super entertaining stories with Chris, Joy and Gizmo (you are going to love Gizmo!!!!!). You can find a great list of videos for free here in many languages. My favorite story is the one from Daniel. Check it out here

Stiftung Missionswerk Werner Heukelbach

This is an organization that shares the gospel and provide free resources in informative and interesting ways with forgiveness and courage as one of the elements. Children can learn how to deal with bullying through the story of Joseph who was sold by his brothers as a slave.

Feed The Hungry

I know what you are thinking, I think. This has nothing to do with violence. Well, at times we also support other charities. In this case, we support the feeding of countless children who need food, shelter and sometimes even oxygen tanks. I think we all can agree that none of us wants to go hungry. So this is our way to fulfill the commandment from the Bible to feed the hungry (no pun intended). If there is one thing that is a core belief in the Christian and Messianic Jewish faith (as long as you stick to what the Bible actually says) it is moral courage by the grace of God. You can see it in the moments when God gives Moses the strength to speak up to the Pharaoh to let his people go. You can see it in Daniel when he speaks up even though not doing so means being thrown to the lions. Since Feed The Hungry is a Christian organization, I feel it is appropriate to support them, too for that reason. You can learn more about them here.

One For Israel

This amazing organization is promoting the gospel among the Jewish and Muslim communities worldwide through powerful testimonies shared online. You can learn more about them here.