Providing scholarships for extraordinary students that promote moral courage across the globe!

“”Extraordinary accomplishments require extraordinary support.”

Claudia B Vogas

Partial International Scholarship

For Students Focused On These Causes

  • Ending Sex Trafficking, Violence, Bullying, Prosecution of Christians, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence.
  • Promoting Moral Courage.

Creating Change In These Countries

Worldwide however a special priority is given to Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Honduras, South Africa, India, China, Pakistan, Thailand, Bangladesh.

Description Of The Scholarship

These scholarships cover up to 90% of tuition costs of short term programs, taught in English.


The students must use the knowledge they gain from the programs to support moral courage across the world and become active ambassadors for the programs and the Dare To Be Bold Movement NOW.

Value And Purpose Of Grant

Up to €12,500 to be applied towards the tuition of any of the group programs on this website.

Availability Of Scholarships

Up to 10 scholarships are given out each year.