Claudia B Vogas

Leadership Speaker

Enabling Your Audience To Boldly Change The World

“Moral Courage is not an option. It is the duty of every man and woman. The more we hide from our responsibility for holding others accountable for their actions and choices, the more we hurt them.”

Claudia B Vogas

My Story

Major Key Moments In My Life

  • When I was (sexually) abused in my childhood at the age of 4
  • When I was bullied in school in the ages from 7 to 16
  • When I lived in the USA for a year when I was 22
  • When I lived in Prague working for Oracle from 26-29
  • When I experienced workplace bullying at age 26-29
  • When I lived in Ireland for a year when I was 30
  • When I became a Top Performer and joined VMware’s President’s Club at 30
  • When I discovered my emotional freedom technology at the age of 27
  • When I started my business at 31
  • When I published my first book at 31
  • When I had my first coaching client who was a winner at the Festival of Cannes at age 31
  • When I met my husband at age 34
  • When I lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a few months when I was 34
  • When my daughter was born 12 weeks early when I was 36
  • When I finally accepted Jesus`offer at age 38
  • When I learned to express my true self at age 39
  • When I started my Dare To Be Bold movement at age 40

PS: If you like more personal stories, check out my social media. I share quite a bit of my personal life there.

Each of these moments shaped me and empowered me to serve you more powerfully than I ever have served anybody before. I did take a break for about 3 years during which my daughter was born, I found Jesus Christ and I broke through my limits of self-expression and moral courage. My coaching before was kindergarten level in comparison. I graduated in the meantime to university! 🙂

The pain I have experienced drives me to help others either prevent the pain, and if that is not possible, help them free themselves from the unnecessary consequences. And, help others do the same.

My Business Expertise

I studied International Management with a special focus on International Marketing in Germany and the US and graduated with a Diplom-Betriebswirtin (FH) International Management which is an equivalent to a BA in International Business. I have a special knack for Promotion Management which is where I love to research as well.  

I was an award-winning sales and customer relationship specialist for various small and big companies including VMware and Oracle in Germany, USA, Ireland and Czech Republic. I lived in Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, Brazil, UK and USA. During my time at Oracle, I experienced workplace bullying and burned out and had to look for solutions and that is when my journey of growth really started. While I was at VMware, I started my coaching journey during which I expanded my expertise in marketing, sales, customer relationship building, as well as developed powerful coaching, therapy and counseling skills.

My Values & Beliefs


In order for us to show up boldly in the world, we must be honest with ourselves and others, even if it hurts. That does not mean we need to be rude. The message will be best received when delivered with compassion and the right motives.


In order to change the world, we must be bold so we can withstand the rebellion coming from others. 

Moral Courage

If there is one theme in my life, it is the need for moral courage. It takes moral courage to stand up for what you believe in, to stand up for yourself and others in a vulnerable position. No matter if it is a violent situation or a car accident. There is always something we can do. And if we really want to change the world, inspiring others to step up and dare to be bold might just be the kick others need to step up, too.

My Faith In Jesus Christ

My relationship with Jesus Christ will ensure that you get my absolute best since I want my work to glorify Him. My belief in Him gives me a strong moral foundation for my actions and behavior. Which ensures I will place truth, love and honest business principles before my own needs.  

My belief won`t make me talk to you about Jesus and the Bible unless you give me permission to do so. I won`t ever even try force you to believe the way I do. Jesus would also not want me to do that anyway. So no worry! Jesus brought me to Him through the course of my life by opening my eyes a blink at a time, not through the words of a specific person. So I know that He will bring you to Him, if and when you are ready and willing. 

What it does mean is that I will do everything in my power to support you in reaching your goals of making a social impact on this world because Jesus cares about us giving to others.