Take A Leap Of Faith In Yourself

“It takes faith to take a leap. It takes courage to take a leap. It takes trust to take a leap. Are you courageous and trustworthy? Do you have faith in yourself to give yourself a chance?”

Claudia B Vogas

Are you strong yet there are times when you don’t know how to handle a situation, may it be a relationship that is important to you or your business growing faster than you know what to do or slower than you expected. 


There are times in life when you can do it all by yourself. But who say you must go it all alone? 


Who says you cannot have someone who listens, challenges and inspires you to new heights, the kind you did not think you were able to, but you still dream of them?

Do you want a way to release stress, develop your boldness, strengthen your relationships and/or business?

If so, you will get out a lot of this program.

Would you like to better juggle the different things on your plate and be more productive, fulfilled and impactful in the world? All of this is possible…

 Read on…

As a result of this program, you will…

get a deeper understanding of yourself, your values, your dreams, your fears

be able to see opportunities you have not seen before

see the risks you have been taking and how they have affected you

feel empowered to make your dreams a reality

see how resourceful you can be

see a way out of your fears

lose any hesitancy to step up and take charge of your dreams

and much more

What is included in the program:

Two powerful coaching conversations worth €400 each.

One powerful emotional freedom session worth €500.

What are the clients saying:

It was a great opportunity to meets Claudia and her “State of the Art” creation for the Coach program. Claudia just gave me the right clarification and the right basis I was looking for in order to become an Entrepreneur. With a perfect comprehension of my needs combined with incredible support. Claudia was my first “partner” on this new chapter of challenges I am facing from now on. Thank you very much, Claudia, Danke, Obrigado.

Cristiano Oliveira

Executive Director Sales and Services, OCRTI CONSULTING

Since I was fortunate to connect with Claudia I have seen a progressive and positive transformation of my personal and professional life. I have seen many times her generosity and commitment to address any situation that could be on my way to achieve higher goals. Using Claudia’s services I achieved a better understanding of myself taking advantage of some tools and resources that I wasn’t aware of their existence. Claudia is very persistent and confident in her inner strength. She has a great ability to understand your needs for any step you may want to make. Accordingly, she provides news and selected information that fits with your plans whatever they are. Claudia is a great professional, but she is an even better person.

Antonio Lopez

Former Winner at Festival of Cannes and Creative Director in Advertising Industry

Claudia was a joy to work with and the ideal coach in establishing my life’s purpose. It’s quickly apparent she’s dedicated to her profession and clients. She immediately made me feel at ease and effortlessly set me on a course of discovery, but more importantly, elicited those critical issues impeding growth in career and life. The goal implementation was a fun process, and if you veer off course, she patiently redirects you to your personal goals and motivators. The metrics mapping were simple and short, and Claudia made sense by outlining catalysts to long-term career and life goals. For holistic comprehension, she provided external resources and tools. Claudia is a persistent cheerleader and propelled me to complete the necessary work and steps, which in turn got me on my life’s path. Claudia is a joy to work and at whatever stage you find yourself in life, she’ll get you results.

Virginia Carrizales

Corporate & Securities Paralegal at Boutin Jones Inc.

Claudia is an excellent human being, with a great attitude, always willing to help you and get the best out of you. She not only offers you her services but the thing that amazes me the most is that she really gives you her heart once she starts working with you. When she takes you as her client she is 100% committed and reliable. You can see and feel her passion for her profession with her words, gestures, advice, and how she takes your achievements as if they were her achievements too. She wants to help you achieve your goals in all areas of your life, and she will do everything she can to help you to achieve them. When you get her as your coach you are getting a lot more than that, you will get a close friend, who has your permission to tell you things the way they are and help you all the way to open your eyes, to become a better person and to enjoy life as much as possible.
Since I started working with her, I have seen a lot of improvements in different areas of my life. I feel more capable of achieving my goals, I feel a more free, complete and happy person.

Just to name a few things that she has helped me to overcome:
-Recognize my fears and most of the time understand that they were not as big or bad as I thought they were.
-Live in the present moment and focus more in what I have instead of what I don’t have.
-Heal wounds from my childhood that I wasn’t even aware of, and they used to affect my life in a negative way.
-Take control of what I used to call my “chocolate addiction.”

I highly recommend Claudia and I feel confident that she can help you to improve your life and become a more loving and happier person. When you decide to have Claudia as your coach, honestly you have nothing to lose and a everything to gain.

Lisbeth Lisdorf

Financial Service Professional, New York Life Insurance

I have decided to charge only €197 for this program so everybody who needs it can afford it. 

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