How To Be More Confident & Learn From Past Mistakes

Today’s article starts off a new series called “Examples Of Courage”. We all have examples of courage in our lives. This series is about those examples of courage that have to do with conflict resolution, showing confidence and courage when dealing with other people. It demonstrates that you are not alone and points you to a few resources you can use to show up boldly when conflict shows up in your life.

Today’s article is about how to show courage when your opponent is bigger than you. What follows is a story of a friend of mine, Jeff Pierce who is a speaker, life coach as well as a best-selling author. Enjoy!


Examples Of Courage – When The Fear Creeps In

As I’m stretching out on the warm-up mat my 7 year old grandson comes up to me & says

“GRANDPA, are you wrestling that REAL BIG GUY OF THERE — HE’S HUGE?

In that split second this little boy just stole the mindset that I had worked so hard on the past 2 months. After quickly telling my grandson to go sit down I flipped the hood up on my sweat shirt and walk to the closest corner to hide my head. While doing that, all the years I got bullied, all the people that told me negative things about myself, my past failures, the lack of self-esteem self-worth crept in.

The Story Of David & Goliath 2.0: Then The Over-Analyzing Starts

What was I doing?? Here I am 50 years old and I’m going to step on a wrestling mat having not wrestled for 33 years. Then to have to look across that warm up mat at my potential opponent that was not just a lot younger but was also built like Mr. Universe.

It was about to be a rematch of “DAVID vs GOLIATH” and I certainly wasn’t Goliath. But I was taller if that meant anything,,,,,,, NOT!! The fear I was feeling was adding up.

I had to use the tools of my past sports coaches, life coaches and mentors to shake the fear off to find the courage I needed to step out on that mat.

Have you ever had a time that you had to stare fear in the face? Wondering how you could ever overcome the battles that life had placed before you? Over my 64 years I have had many of those blessed opportunities before me, I say opportunities as I have found that…

…everything we go through is a learning experience that we GROW through with Courage not just Go through it.

In the split second that my Grandson asked that powerful question, my thoughts quickly shifted from my past life experiences. That mindset change created an instant shift in my feelings and emotions. This change took me from courage and to the exact opposite, fear. Fear will overcome and defeat us if we let it. 

The Story Of David & Goliath 2.0:

How To Make The Shift Back To Being Courageous

So What made the shift back to being courageous, which is a powerful emotion? It was the connection of what was in my head and most importantly what was in my heart. Therefore, it took getting mentally focused on my passion for being a leader to the kids I coach. It meant that making that shift that if I can get on that mat and do the best I could they could do the same. I learned that we can not let negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions control our life. We must connect emotions to the values that we live our life by feeling the emotions within your heart.

More Resources

In my past 30 years of studying personal development, finding mentors and coaches I have concluded and agree “Thoughts do become Things”. 

From my work on myself, 20 years of coaching multiple youth sports, and 42 years in construction management I have developed a blueprint of how we go from our thoughts to building a strong foundation and structure to face the fear of the adversities of life by learning how to be courageous. I not only survived that DAVID vs GOLIATH rematch I was victorious as it changed my life, it pushed me to self-publish a book, develop a Ladder of Success framework I use for coaching youth and my “UNCOMMON CORE BLUEPRINT which is available to you by emailing me at as my website is under a remodel during this pandemic. In the end, aren’t we all looking for joy and happiness in all aspects of life?

The Story Of David & Goliath 2.0:

The Challenge

So I survived that DAVID vs GOLIATH rematch. I found out after the match that Goliath was a 28 year-old MARINE. So why would a 50 year-old tall skinny guy who never had many victories on the mat do such a crazy thing?

For 2 weeks, I saw a coach repeated verbally abuse his young elementary wrestlers. Then one day he threw his son off the mat. Shortly there after I found myself in a conversation with him and other coaches. After listening to him belittle his wrestlers and their parents I asked “When was the last time you stepped on a mat?” He never had. I challenged him to go to this tournament and step on that mat to face the same fear his wrestlers face. Well, I then realized it was time to show my young wrestlers as I told them many times, “It’s not about the W on the scoreboard. It’s about what you can learn from the experience”.

Find that COURAGE within to be the best you can be.

Focusing on what is in your control and what your outcome is can change your perspective and give you the power to move mountains. Or in this case it moved a Mr. Universe-kind of Goliath out of the ring.  

What do you usually focus on during a fight or a conflict? Is it empowering or disempowering?

Now, since Jeff brought up the metaphor of David and Goliath, I would be remiss if I did not bring up how David overcome Goliath. What was his focus on? His focus was on his rock-solid faith that God will help him make this shot. A shot he trained as a shepherd regularly to protect his sheep.  God placed him in the right place to have the right skills when he needed them. 

 So what did Jeff focus on? Was it his own pride? No, it was his desire to show his students that they are not alone and what is possible.

What did God use to prepare you so you can survive and thrive when you fight the fight of your life?

Which examples of courage do you have in your life?

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