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Courage, Relationship & Leadership Support

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Developing Boldness

We need courage, especially moral courage, confidence and be willing to take risks in order to lead, inspire and create change when it counts.

Strengthening Your Relationships

Our relationships tend to be the greatest source of our pain, no matter if it is an intimate relationship or business relationships.

You Have Another Challenge?

It is true. The other areas are my expertise. But I have helped many people achieve goals that have nothing to do with these. 

You have a big vision but can’t seem to find the courage to make it happen?

 Do you have a cause that keeps you up at night? Do you want to use what God gave you and what life let you experience to serve others? Yet your own voice stops you from speaking up for that cause? Let’s talk!

How Do I Know If Working With Claudia is Right For Me?

What people are not a good fit for Claudia's coaching?
  • if you always find excuses not to follow through
  • if you cannot stick to agreements
  • if you cannot keep your aggression in check
  • If you have not taken action towards your goals
What people are a good fit for Claudia's coaching?

You should read this if you already are or are aspiring to be either

  • a change maker aka world changer,

  • a social entrepreneur,

  • a philanthropist,

  • a social investor, 

  • an innovator,

  • a business leader,

  • a policy maker,

  • an activist,

  • a Christian kingdom entrepreneur or

  • simply someone with a big vision to change the world and no clue how to make it happen.

When you first had the idea of doing something about your cause, you had big dreams. Your ideas just came out like a fountain but also, just like a fountain, the ideas did not go anywhere. Anyway, you got started and created a sustainable way to make a change in the world for your cause. You realized you must be the cheerleader of your organization. You knew how hard it can be on some days but you remind yourself and your teams to keep the faith because what you do matters. You seek out mentors and fellow entrepreneurs and coaches to complain to, cry with, lean on and learn from so you can strengthen yourself and give even more to your cause. You know you cannot let your negative emotions take over your mission because it will poison and ruin the great work you have already done. But you know it could be so much better…

There are probably millions of coaches out there in the world. A few of them probably even focus on people like you who want to change or are already changing the world. But most coaches only ask questions and don`t give much advice let alone research for and with you. When you want an answer they give you another question “What do you think you should do?” and you think: “That`s what I came to you for.” When you ask what are your rates they have a set package and that is it. No creativity, no flexibility.

What criteria do I need to fulfill in order to work with Claudia 1 on 1?
  • aspiring or current changemakers (someone who already is or wants to be making a change to a social problem) 
  • open to a variety of resources including Biblical examples
  • one of the top values: growth or contribution
What is my experience with causes and social entrepreneurship?

I have been working as a coach for a local social enterprise serving entrepreneurs here in Germany who struggle financially. I am one of the coaches who helps them out of that situation. The owner of the company hired me because of my passion and knowledge about social entrepreneurship. Since I have experienced struggling financially while being self-employed before, I know how they feel yet since I am out of the situation, I can be objective and see solutions they don`t. A perfect partnership! Additionally, I am working on my own social enterprise project promoting moral courage across the world.

What elements make up Claudia's coaching?

My coaching includes a combination of the following elements: 


1. Deep Coaching:

This is the purest form of coaching, just you, me and powerful questions, a kick in the butt if necessary and bringing out your resourcefulness and the person you know can create anything they want because they are blessed by God.



2. My Emotional Freedom Methodology:

This includes a variety of self-expression tools and emotional freedom as well as counseling therapies.

3. Kingdom Business Principles From The Bible:

The Bible is not just THE book which Christianity is founded on. It also shows timeless principles that help any changemaker to achieve great things for their cause.

4. My In-Depth Research Technology:

A special aspect of what I do is researching my clients` causes, business arenas, industries, practices and more. That helps me to show them unique ways that give my clients the edge which helps them bring their vision to reality.

You are the one who decides which of these elements you want to be included in how I coach and serve you.  Also, it is your needs, desires and wants that determine which form our coaching takes which could be face-to-face, online, WhatsApp, Facetime, SMS, video, phone, year-long or a short 3 day intensive. The sky is the limit. What you and your cause need counts.

Can I get a custom-made coaching or do I need to buy a pre-made package?

Of course you have the choice of both. If none of the packages are the right fit, we create one together for you.

I love creating change in the world, not just locally. I have been coaching people from all over the world and love experiencing and getting to know other cultures. I’ve been successfully coaching clients throughout the the globe, from Spain to the USA, from Australia to Africa, from Hong Kong to Germany. from the Netherlands to Southern America and more. Check out my Rave Reviews from people from Spain, the US and Mexico!

It is my mission to help world changers to make a greater impact and thus glorify God by caring for His children. My passion for changing the world myself helps you to create and drive the change in the world you want to see. I believe that you have the strength not just to make a small impact, but to a big one. God has a purpose for all of us. My experience shows that when we embrace that purpose, our impact is going to be 10 fold what we think we can achieve on our own.

Having been certified as a professional coach since 2010, my main focus has been on guiding people to more emotional freedom while helping them make a greater impact doing what they do best. Why? Because I had gone through a lot of pain in my life (more on that later) and want to use the pain from the past to serve others with the help of God. My life is marked with sexual abuse, bullying, burnout and more. These experiences have fueled my drive to learn, grow and contribute.

What makes Claudia's coaching different from other coaches?

After over 10 years and over 250,000 € worth of knowledge, skills and experience, I am more of a partner than a coach.  

Unlike other coaches, I not only coach you, but I

  • challenge you, 

  • cheer for you,

  • cry with you,

  • am tough with you,

  • brainstorm powerful solutions for impossible problems with you,

  • tell you the things nobody dares to tell you, 

  • show you your blind spots, 

  • research with you and find nuggets you would have missed because I have a different perspective, 

  • empower you to be in control of your emotions and use them as fuel for your cause, 

  • help you to unlock the power of faith through ancient Biblical principles, 

  • help to clarify your focus and perspective,

  • enable you to release negative emotions, blocks and even trauma that blocks you through innovative energy therapy tools,

  • deliver hands-on coaching support even to the extent of creating marketing materials for you,

  • serve you so powerfully you will never forget our conversations,

  • give you powerful tools to take charge of your emotions,

  • support your pursuits with my knowledge, skills, network but especially prayer,

  • give you new business insights based on years of experience in international business and marketing,

  • create bespoke and creative coaching solutions tailor-made for you and your situation and vision (Anywhere from a 1 year long online experience to a 3 day intensive a la “Super Nanny” style Coaching Retreat at your home).

In short: I partner with you to see your dream become reality and God glorified in the change we create together in the world.

Maybe we shouldn`t work together.

Not unless this describes you:

You are or are aspiring to be either a changemaker, social entrepreneur, philanthropist, social investor,  innovator, business leader, policymaker, activist or kingdom entrepreneur who can see value in having a cheerleader, some tough love and powerful problem-solving as well as research dedicated to helping with your specific cause changing the world step by step. I do this through a variety of bespoke coaching programs and international research projects. Moreover, you want to develop your courage to step up boldly for what you believe in yet that courage currently is still missing to the degree you want.

If you want someone to 

  • Challenge you

  • Clarify your focus and perspective

  • Grow your ability to speak up, step up and raise up to the occasion

  • Tell you what nobody else dares to tell you

  • Serve you so powerfully you will never forget the conversations

  • Give you powerful tools to take charge of your emotions

  • Support your pursuits with out-of-the-box problem solving and research

  • Give you new business insights based on years of experience in international business and marketing

  • Create Coaching solutions tailor-made for you,

you better reach out to me today to set up a call to go deeper than anybody ever went with you!

PS: I only have one more spot available at the moment and I am picky as for whom I am working with. Your cause has got to get my heart for me to get excited to coach you. So let`s talk about your cause!

How We Get Started

1. Schedule a Free 1:1 Chat

During this conversation we will see if we feel like a match on a personality level and you get a first taste of my coaching.


2. Experience The Coaching

If we are a match, I will give you a challenge which you will need to have taken before we have a coaching conversation which can be up to 2 hours where you can get an experience of my coaching. This is when we sit again to see if it makes sense to continue. If it does we move on to step 3.

3. Choose Your Coaching Plan

Together we will work on developing the right plan and package for you. Then we work on reaching your goals.